Born on the shores of Lake Maggiore in 1996

Photography just kinda happened. It fell on my lap. My first approach to a camera was thanks to my grandfather Gabriele who, with his old Olympus OM2, portrayed my family every time he had the opportunity.

My interest in the medium changed when I read a National Geographic book titled “Work: The World in Photographs“. The inspiration drawn from those photographers led me down to undertake a path as a professional photographer and to find my own way.

I think it’s thanks to photography that I can express myself and feel happy, free and alive 🍃

Emanuele Sosio Galante



My goal is to make a lasting impression on every person that uses my services, whether it be potential buyers, sellers or agents. I promises to deliver high quality images and services that are timely and cost-effective.


I will also strive to be an extension of your business, helping you to land more listings and treating all your clients with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.